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Falken tires are the performance lines of Ohtsu, a brand owned by Japanese tire maker Sumitomo. Falkens have become well established in the United States through sales by e-trailers, chain retailers and independent tire shops. They are mid-priced alternatives to bigger performance names, with lines to fit cars, pickups and SUVs. The company also produces commercial medium truck and bus radial tires.

Passenger tires comprise all-season lines, including the Azenis PT722 A/S; Ziex ZE950 A/S, ZE612 and ZE329; Pro G4; and Sincera SN828 and Touring SN211; performance summer tires, including the Azenis RT615K and FK453, and Ziex 914 EcoRun; and winter tires, including the Espia EPZ and EPZ II, and the Eurowinter HS449. Pickup and SUV lines include the Wildpeak A/T and H/T, Ziex S/TZ05 and R52 Heavy Duty. Crossover lines comprise the Azenis FK453CC and PT722 A/S, Sincera Touring SN211, Ziex ZE950 A/S and Pro G4.

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