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Atlanta Used Tires and Tire Replacement FAQ

Used tires in Atlanta Georgia

Shipping Your Tires

We are happy to ship your tires to you and there is no charge for this. Shipping and handling is free on orders from our website, return shipping is not covered by us in the event that you decide to return your tires. You can view our shipping policy here.

Our national warehouse is located in Pennsylvania and you can usually expect to receive your tires within 2 business days if you order before noon EST. All tires are shipped using Fedex’s standard ground shipping.

Legal Tire Tread Depth in Atlanta

The Georgia Department of Transportation has set a minimum requirement of 2/32 of an inch as the minimum legal tread depth for passenger vehicles. This is the standard measurement in America, only California and Idaho have requirements of 1/32.

Need help measuring the remaining tread on your vehicle’s tires? Check out our blog on tire tread depth.

Do you sell new tires as well?

We sell what we call take-off tires. An example of a take-off tire would be a tire which was put on a car and sent to a dealership. If the person that bought the car didn’t like the tires, they might buy new ones and we would call the old tires take-off tires. They have a very limited amount of wear on them and this will vary from tire to tire. However, since they have been mounted and usually used at least some amount, you don’t have to pay the same amount of money as you would for tires that were brand new and had never been mounted onto a rim before.

Where can I recycle my used tires if I live in Atlanta?

The City of Atlanta does not run its own tire recycling program, however there are several private companies that will accept your tires from you for recycling. You can usually expect to pay less than $5 per tire when you drop off used car tires.

Do I need winter tires if I live in Atlanta?

Regardless of the amount of snowfall that is received here (only about 2 inches per year on average), we recommend that all residents use winter tires during the winter months. These tires will be manufactured so that they can maintain their functionality in colder temperatures. Summer tires will lose their grip and performance characteristics as the temperature drops below 45-50 degrees.

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