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Minimum Legal Tread Depth

Passenger cars in the State of Massachusetts are required to have a minimum of 2/32 inches of tread depth (the same as most other states). You can measure your tire’s tread depth by using an American penny as a depth gauge. Just turn the penny upside down so that Lincoln’s head is facing the ground and place this in between your treads. If your treads stop right at the top of Lincoln’s head, this is approx 2/32. You can read more info and check out an image that helps describe how to do this here; Tire Tread Depth 101.

Used Tire Recycling

Tire fires present a significant hazard to the environment, and virtually every municipality in America including Boston has strict regulations regarding how old tires are disposed of. The City of Boston holds periodic events where residents can dispose of hazardous waste at no cost. This includes your used tires, motor oil, and other types of hazardous household waste. You must be a resident of the city (with ID proof) to use this service. Find dates and locations on the Official City of Boston Website. There are also several commercial disposal services available at your convenience.

Boston Car, Driver, Tire FAQ

Can I leave my used car tires by the street to be picked up with my garbage?

Used tires are considered hazardous waste and will not be picked up with your regular trash. See the used tire recycling section on this page for more info about how to properly dispose of your tires.

How much tread depth do I need on my tires to survive the winter in Boston?

The state minimum is not going to be enough tread for snowy roads. Many new snow tires will start with 10/32 of tread, and will start to lose significant performance in the snow when they reach approx. 6/32. We recommend using snow tires in the winter instead of all-season tires or summer tires. This isn’t just because of the increased tread depth that comes on these tires. We also recommend winter tires because of the type of rubber that is used. The rubber compound is designed to have max grip in cold temperatures, so even when there is no snow on the road this is going to be the safest type of tire for you in a cold Boston winter.

Shop Popular Used Tires

We carry more than 200 different brands of street tires for cars and trucks on our website. We do not charge for shipping, and our selection of tires includes summer tires, all-season tires, and winter snow tires. It doesn’t matter whether you are replacing the tires on a leased car so that it can be returned without extra fees, or you are winterizing your vehicle so that it can survive a winter full of trips up to Vermont to go skiing, we can help you save money and travel safely.

You can see a few of the most popular brands below. You can also search for tires by size and by vehicle make/model through our search functions on the website.

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