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We offer free shipping to Dallas via Fedex, and all of our tires are inspected at least twice before being shipped out to you. Are you trying to figure out if you can save money by buying used tires? Check out our blog entry about used tire savings and you’ll see how the math works out. Buying used tires is an easy way for you to save money!

When should I replace my existing tires if I live in Dallas?

The State of Texas will require you to have at least 3/32” of tread in order for your vehicle to pass inspection (most other states only require 2/32”).

Can I order tires for my car online?

Yes, you can shop and order your tires through our website and we will ship them to your address in Dallas. Shop For Tires Now.

Do I need to buy winter tires if I live in Dallas?

No, you don’t need to buy snow tires. While it is possible to see snow and winter weather in the coldest months here, the average winter temperatures are well above freezing and a set of all-season or summer season snow tires will perform best in this weather.

How can I dispose of my old used tires in Dallas?

Old tires can’t simply be left by the curb to be picked up with the rest of your garbage. If you are having your tires changed by an automotive shop, they will take care of your old tires for you.

Recycling your tires is an important step to take for the environment. Used tires present an environmental hazard, and storing waste tires becomes an even larger issue with regards to preventing tire fires. The City of Dallas does not provide an official tire recycling service, however there are many private companies who will dispose of your tires at a minimal cost. Some can cost less than $1/tire and almost all services cost less than $5/tire. You can search Google for tire disposal services by clicking here.

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