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Help Center - Installing Your Used Tires

Where To Get Your Used Tires Installed & How Much Should It Cost?

Like a kid on Christmas morning, your doorbell rings and the FedEx guy has your recently purchased used tires ready to unwrap. The next question is:
"Where do I go to get them installed and how much will it cost?"

Where Not to Go

Tire Installation
Use a local tire shop for installation

Before you head on over to a national tire dealer or new tire distributor, there is a good chance that they may not mount your tires for you. If shops are in the business of selling tires they may choose to only install their own and not the tires you bring to them.

National retailers are in business to sell you tires directly and make profits. Even when they offer special deals like buy 3 tires and get the 4th one free, the total cost to you is still much higher than the savings you enjoy when buying high quality used tires.

Thankfully gives you a full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for the tires you buy, so you have nothing to worry about in the rare case there is an issue with a tire.

Where to Go

Make sure to go to a professional, experienced installer for your tires. They will inspect each tire and ensure their safety for your vehicle. Check online to make sure they are reputable and customers have positive things to say about them and their service.

So where do you go to have your used tires installed?

  • Most local tire shops
  • Gas stations
  • Oil change centers
  • Body shops

These service centers will install your used tires and high speed balance them. Prices are usually a bit cheaper at these local businesses so you’ll even same some extra cash by avoiding the larger chains.

How much will it cost?

Tire Installation Cost
Expect to pay $15-$15 per tire for installation

When you have your used tires installed, this process consists of several steps:

  1. Remove existing tires and disposal of them
  2. Mount your tires on your wheels
  3. Inflate them to the correct tire pressure
  4. High speed balance them

Most of the local service shops will charge between $15-$35 per tire for these steps, depending on the size and the profile. If you have Run Flat tires or wheels that are 20” or wider, it may be a few extra bucks.

It is traditional to give the guy who did the work a small tip as well for his efforts and care he took during the process. $5-$10 in total should be fine.

Make sure to have them check your valve stems. Valve stems also wear out after few installations and should be replaced time to time.

How Long Will it Take to Install My Tires?

Tire installation time
It takes about 45 minutes to install 4 tires properly

If you’re getting 4 tires installed, the entire process itself takes about 45 minutes. The real wait time depends more on how many vehicles are ahead of you and whether one or two guys work on your car together. If you’re going to have your wheels aligned as well, expect that to take another 45 minutes to one hour.

What Other Services Should You Consider While Installing Tires?

If you take your hands off the wheel and you notice the vehicle pulls to the left or right, you may have an alignment issue. Bad alignments will ruin your tires by causing excessive treadwear prematurely. So the best time to fix the alignment is when you’re having your tires mounted and high speed balanced.

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