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Buying Used Tires in Los Angeles

When should I change my car tires if I live in Los Angeles?

The State of California only requires passenger vehicles to have a min. tread depth of 1/32”. This is less than most other states where the requirement is 2/32”. Check out our blog for more information about how to measure tire tread depth.

Shipping Your Tires to Los Angeles

Why buy from us? We save you between $50-$150 on shipping by offering Free Shipping on all purchases. If you purchase used tires from us, we will cover the cost of shipping the tires to you.

Recycling Old Car Tires in L.A.

The City of Los Angeles holds periodic events where city residents can drop off their used car tires for recycling. You must provide proper ID because you must be a resident to utilize this service because it is free.

There are also 6 separate locations where tires can be dropped off at any time at no cost. These extend from Northridge to Santa Monica and East in the heart of the city on Mission Rd. and San Fernando Rd.

These can be seen in the map to the left.

FAQ About Used Tires in L.A.

What kind of car tires should I buy if I live in L.A.?

The record low temperatures during winter months are generally in the high 40’s and 50’s. The rubber that is used for summer tires starts to become ineffective when the temperature drops to approx 45 degrees. The Rubber in your winter tires starts to become ineffective when the temperature rises to 50+ degrees. In order to have the safest type of tires on your car, you should be using all-season or summer season tires.

Does it matter what kind of vehicle I drive?

Yes, it does matter. Tires are designed to handle a specific load weight and to perform safely within a certain speed. The load rating and speed rating (seen on the sidewall of your tires) should be appropriate for your vehicles weight and top speed. You can learn more about how to read and interpret these ratings in one of our recent blogs about tire ratings.

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