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Free New/Used Tire Shipping to Miami, FL is currently offering free shipping to the State of Florida, including the City of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. You might usually expect to pay around $100 for shipping on a set of 4 new/used tires. We take this burden off of your shoulders and pay for the shipping costs ourselves for all S. Florida residents.

Miami Used Tire Recycling

It is against the law in Florida to dispose of any tires in a place other than a designated solid waste management facility.

Miami-Dade County operates 12 recycling collection centers that are currently accepting used tires from local residents. Citizens can drop off up to 4 tires per load at no charge. Select locations around Miami also accept used motor oil for recycling. You can find tire recycling locations through the map on the left, as well as through the official Miami-Dade website.

Minimum Legal Tread Depth

The minimum tread depth that is permitted on passenger vehicles in the State of Florida is 2/32 of an inch. Most tires start their life with about 10/32 of an inch, and should be replaced when they have no less than 4/32 left.

Does my tire tread depth really matter if I live in Miami?

Although there is no snow to contend with, your tire tread depth is still extremely important. One of the main functions of your tire treads is to move water and improve your grip on wet roads. Your vehicle’s chances of hydroplaning or losing control in wet conditions are increased if there is not enough tread on your tires. Since the City of Miami ranks second in the nation for annual total rainfall (61.9 inches), your tire tread depth is still an important safety factor despite the lack of snowy weather.

Do I need to buy a tire with a higher temperature rating because of the heat in Miami?

No. The temperature rating on your car does reflect the amount of heat that it can safely withstand, however this is only really important with relation to the heat created by your tire’s friction with the road (this is tested in a way that is similar to the speed rating). If you were coming to Miami to race cars, the temperature might suggest that you use a different rubber compound for better grip. However, having a lower temperature rating is unlikely to affect the daily performance of your car’s tires on the street.

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We sell used tires that can fit onto virtually any vehicle. This includes your daily driver, your child’s first car, as well as the high end luxury imports and exotic vehicles that can be seen prowling the streets of Miami.

You can see a few of the most popular brands below. You can also search for tires by size and by vehicle make/model through our search functions on the website.

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