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Philadelphia Used Tires

Recycling Your Used Tires in Philadelphia

Used tires are an environmental hazard and we always encourage our customers to recycle their tires. The City of Philadelphia accepts used tires for recycling at no cost (other cities and private companies often charge $2-$5 per tire). You may drop your tires off at any of 4 sanitation convenience centers. There are some restrictions such as a limit of 4 tires per car and you can only drop tires off once per day. You must also be a resident of the city. See drop-off locations on the map below.

Tire Shipping Info

Our main warehouse facility is located in Allentown, PA and this is just over a 1 hour drive from Philadelphia. Since we ship your tires to you for free, most Philadelphia residents simply order the tires online and we send them right to your address. We use fedex standard ground shipping, so your tires should arrive in no time!
Read more about our shipping policy.

Tire Tread Depth Requirements in Philadelphia

Tread depth requirements are uniform for all areas in Pennsylvania and you must have a minimum tread depth of 2/32 of an inch on all 4 tires. We don’t recommend waiting until your treads are worn down to this level, especially because this is an area that can receive heavy snowfall in the winter months.

How can I measure tread depth? The easiest way for most people to do this is by using a penny. You can read about how to do this on our blog here: Tire Tread Depth for Dummies.

Should I buy snow tires if I live in Philadelphia?

While we don’t receive the same type of snowfall that you might see if you were located in Vermont of Maine, we still get approx 20” per year on average and it’s never out of the question that we might see a heavy snowstorm. Snow tires are important regardless of the amount of snow that falls. The main reason for residents here to buy snow tires is that the rubber compound that is used for these tires is made to work its best in colder temperatures. Due to the possibility of snowfall and the cold winter temperatures that we see each year here, we always recommend that you buy a pair of snow tires if you live in Philly.

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