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Used Pirelli Cinturato Strada All Season Tires


An all-season touring tire, the Pirelli Cinturato Strada All Season fits luxury sedans and coupes, as well as other passenger cars, minivans and some crossovers. It is a smooth-riding, quiet performer. Handling is top-notch among all-season touring lines. The line is speed-rated H, up to 130 miles per hour, or V, to 149, depending on size. The Strada AS is made in 16- through 19-inch sizes. All sizes have black sidewalls. This tire was sold new exclusively by Discount Tire Direct.

The asymmetric tread, which is not directional, at first glance looks like that of a Pirelli P7. A closer look reveals more generous siping, befitting its all-weather mission. Sipes deliver strong bite on wet and lightly snowy roads, and even on dry pavement. The central rib, like all the others, is wide, with blocks formed by angled grooves. There are five sipes per block, all zigzag for extra edges. The adjacent outboard rib has similar blocking and siping. The outboard shoulder has blocks shaped by lateral grooves, with biting diagonal and lateral sipes in each block. The inboard shoulder also has blocks, with even more siping. The adjacent inboard rib as blocks that look similar, with zigzag sipes that increase biting edges, and diagonal sipes. Four wide channels work with the plentiful grooves to move water away from the contact patch and discourage hydroplaning.

  • Vehicles - Passenger cars, minivans, some crossovers
  • Best use - Year-round touring
  • Seasons - All-season
  • Durability - Warranted when new for 70,000 miles
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