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Used Goodyear Eagle Sport RSC MOExtended Tires


Goodyear Eagle Sport RSC MOExtended

The Goodyear Eagle Sport RSC MOExtended is an ultra high performance all season run flat tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tire is an MOExtended model, which means that it is a reinforced tire made especially for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It promotes safe driving, fast performance and excellent fuel efficiency for select vehicle models.

The tire’s all weather traction is due to the combination of the tread pattern and the tire compound. The tread pattern’s deep circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning by eliminating water from below the tire footprint. The model offers a longer lasting tread life. It avoids irregular wear patterns thanks to the full-depth siping detail as they help distribute the driving pressure evenly across the tread area.

The Goodyear Eagle Sport RSC MOExtended is a run flat tire. It means that the tire is capable of maintaining and supporting the weight of the vehicle and the passengers for a limited time in case of air pressure loss. For 50 miles at up to the speed of 50 mph, the tire can continue to be driven on after the loss of air pressure, which allows the driver to safely arrive at a destination where they can change or repair the tire.

The tire is also easy to control in all weather. The steering responsiveness and accuracy are boosted by the stiff, reinforced sidewalls and the asymmetric tread pattern, while the driving stability is due to the maintained constant road contact. The better stability and steering responsiveness ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

  • Season – All weather traction
  • Run Flat tire – After the loss of air pressure, the tire can be driven on for 50 miles
  • Controllability – The enhanced steering and stability improve the tire’s handling
  • Longer tread life – The even tread wear extends the tread life and usability
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