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Used Nokian Nordman 5 Tires


A winter tire, the Nokian Nordman 5 is engineered to handle deep snow, ice and packed snow without the need for metal studs. It comes in sizes to fit cars, crossovers, small SUVs and some compact pickups. All 13-inch sizes are standard load. Most 14-inch and all 15-, 16- and 17-inch sizes are rated for extra load. All sizes have black sidewalls. The entire line is rated T for speeds up to 118 miles per hour. Some examples of this tire may be studded, but studded versions should not be mixed with stud-free versions on the same vehicle.

The directional "V"-shaped tread has at its center a continuous rib that looks like slightly offset arrowheads and encourages good handling, especially on dry roads. The adjacent ribs have blocks that are more or less "V" shaped but laid on their sides. The edges of these blocks overlap with the edges of the slightly curved shoulder blocks. All blocks are formed by wide, curved grooves that splay from the central rib toward the outer edges of the tire. The outer edges are where the grooves direct slush and water for hydroplaning resistance. All blocks and the central rib are highly zigzag siped to bite packed snow and ice. The big blocks bite into deep snow.

  • Vehicles - Cars, crossovers, small SUVs, compact trucks
  • Season - Winter only
  • Snow/ice grip - Pliable tread, aggressive blocks, generous zigzag siping
  • Highway safety - Rated to 118 mph; hydroplaning resistance
  • Strength - Many sizes rated extra load
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