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Learn About Ultra Grip Performance Used Tires

The Ultra Grip Performance is a winter tire for sport coupes and sedans that performs well in dry, wet, snowy and icy conditions. It is a studless line. Depending on size, tires in the line are rated H for speeds up to 130 miles per hour, or V, up to 149, both good for an ice-and-snow tire.

Two tread styles will be found on the used market. One is an asymmetrical tread, and the newer style is a directional, symmetrical tread identical to that on the Performance 2. Both have blocks with an abundance of zigzag sipes that can bite packed snow and glare ice. Their grooves are big for biting accumulated snow. They also have good drainage to prevent hydroplaning and handle slush, as well as water.

  • Good speed -Top speed ratings of 130 or 149 mph are excellent for winter treads.
  • Ice grip -Metal studs are not needed, with the highly siped blocks and tread compound capable of grabbing slick surfaces.
  • Snow appetite -The Ultra Grip HP can gobble up accumulated snow, making the line much more effective than an all-season radial.

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