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Used Toyo Versado Noir Tires


A luxury touring tire, the Toyo Versado Noir provides sporty handling, high speed and quiet, comfortable operation for sporty coupes and performance sedans. It is an all-season radial made in sizes to fit 15- through 18-inch wheels. Depending on size, tires in this line are rated H for speeds up to 130 miles per hour; V, to 149; or W, to 168. Durability is reflected in the warranty to original owners, which was 75,000 miles for H-rated tires; 65,000 miles (V); or 50,000 miles (W).

The dual-purpose tread has five ribs: two outboard ribs that provide precise handling and strong cornering, and three inboard ribs that concentrate on overcoming foul weather. The two outboard ribs have tall blocks shaped by diagonal grooves, with a single notch per block on the shoulder, and generous siping in both ribs for wet-road grip. The inboard shoulder is identical to the outboard unit, with the other two inboard ribs applying a crosshatch of diagonal tapered grooves and notches, plus multidirectional sipes, to wet and wintry roads. Four extra-wide circumferential channels disperse large amounts of rain to discourage hydroplaning.

  • Vehicles - Passenger cars
  • Seasons - All-season
  • Best uses - Year-round everyday spirited driving
  • Durability - When new ,warranted for 75,000 miles (H-rated), 65,000 (V) or 50,000 (W)
  • Highway safety - Rated to 130, 149 or 168mph; good hydroplaning resistance
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