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Used Michelin X LT A/S Tires


The Michelin X LT A/S is a highway tire made to fit pickups, crossovers and SUVs. It is an all-season radial. Tires in this line are rated T for speeds up to 118 mph or H, up to 130. When new, the tire was warranted for 70,000 miles of treadwear. Sizes are made to fit 15- through 18-inch wheels, plus 20-inch, with some rated extra load. Those rated for 8 or 10 plies are good for towing. Some sizes have outline white letters. Michelin also lists this tire as the Defender X LT A/S.

The tread readily displays its highway tendencies. The five ribs are blocked, but none aggressively. The shoulders are the widest ribs, with blocks formed by slightly diagonal, medium-width grooves. Each block has two straight sipes for bite. The three interior ribs, identical to one another, are blocked by narrow "Z" grooves, with three zigzag sipes in each block for bite on wet and lightly snowy roads. All blocks have extra traction edges. The four wide rain channels are slightly staggered and drain the contact patch well for hydroplaning resistance.

  • Vehicles - Pickups, SUVs
  • Seasons - All-season
  • Best uses - 8- and 10-ply rated sizes good for towing
  • Durability - Warranted when new for 70,000 miles of treadwear
  • Highway safety - Rated to 118 or 130 mph; hydroplaning resistance
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